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Medical Professionals

Congratulations on building your practice!

You have sacrificed the first 7-8 years of your career to become a highly educated expert at saving lives and helping people, so you deserve to reward yourself once the paychecks come. However, financial mistakes, taxes, and lack of financial planning can affect your lifestyle long down the road. Moreover, compressing profit margins from insurance company payments and higher expenses affect your personal income.

Whether you are a solo practitioner, or part of a larger medical group, professionals in the medical field spend their time taking care of the rest of us. You may be rewarded with higher incomes, however there are certain challenges you will specifically face:

  • Higher Income Taxes
  • Decreasing Profit Margins
  • Hefty Student Loan Debt
  • Shorter "Working Life" - More Time in Schooling Means Less Time to Accumulate Savings
  • Little to No Financial Aid For Your Children's Education
  • Maintaining Your Current Lifestyle During Retirement
  • Evaluating the Next "Best" Investment Idea & It's Effects on Your Goals
  • When to Retire vs. Keeping Your Skills Sharp


Our Approach to Financial Planning For Physicians