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The LFA Planner of the Year award is an internal award given to LFN planners each year and is based on sales, quality of service, and commitment to Lincoln’s principles, and is selected by Lincoln senior managers.
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Newsletter Archive

Making Plans to Sell a Business

December 2016

I help my business owner clients make plans for their business’s survival after death or other life-changing event. I recently learned about a court case where two owners of a Kentucky business had a falling out, and they asked the court to decide some things about one owner’s buyout of the other. The case is Conlon v. Haise, No. 2014-CA-001581-MR decided on September 30.  I thought you might be interested, as I think the case has lessons that apply to many business situations. To continue reading, click here.

Annuities and Taxes

March 2015

Many of my clients worry about income taxes. They complain about the taxes due when money is earned, and also gripe about the capital gains hit when invested capital is liquidated. Since 2013, my high income clients have had even more reason to be upset by taxes due to the increases associated with higher federal tax brackets and the Medicare surtax.

For those individuals who don't want to have to pay immediate income taxes......To continue reading, click here.


Minimum Distributions Based on Age

September 2014

My clients are often surprised to learn that the federal government requires them to take distributions from their traditional IRAs and employer pension accounts when they reach a certain age. For most, required minimum distributions (RMDs) must begin on or before April 1 following the year a person turns 70 ½.  RMDs must typically continue for the rest of a person’s life.

Many of my clients worry about outliving their money. With increasing life expectancies, running out of money is becoming more of a problem for retirees. To continue reading click here.