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The LFA Planner of the Year award is an internal award given to LFN planners each year and is based on sales, quality of service, and commitment to Lincoln’s principles, and is selected by Lincoln senior managers.
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Business Owners

As a Business Owner, you have spent your time working hard to grow your business and make it a success. We find that while many successful Business Owners are entreprenuerial and natural risk takers, they seldom enjoy taking risks when it comes to their personal financial planning. Business Owners can face a unique set of challenges to financial planning and success. Some of these trials include:

  • Investing in the Business vs. Saving for Retirement
  • The Impact of a Disability or Premature Death on Your Business & Family
  • Successfully Transferring Business Ownership
  • Evaluating When to Sell Your Business and For How Much
  • Analyzing the Effectiveness of Your Buy-Sell
  • Attracting & Retaining High Quality Employees


What We Do to Help Business Owners